Branch Removal or Trimming - Be proactive rather than reactive and protect your home and family by removing dangerous limbs that hang over the house.  


Full Tree Take Down and Removal - R & D Tree will fully remove any trees from your property. We can also remove limbs from trees. Any brush created from the take down will then be chipped and the wood can either be removed or kept by the land owner.

Stump Grinding - We can remove the stump of the tree with our state of the art stump grinder. Our powerful, hydraulic stump grinder will fully remove the stump from the surface. R&D charges on a per inch basis for stump removal. 

Technical Climbing - Steven is an expert climber and has the equipment and skills to scale nearly any tree. This allows him to perform tree work in nearly any area even if vehicles are not accessible. Our technical skills and precision allow us to complete any job.

Pruning - Pruning is both an art and a skill mostly developed through a lot of experience. It not only creates a prolific look for the plant, but also minimizes the chance for decay if the cuts are made properly. The most common time for pruning is during the Spring.